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Narrows Aviation LLC presents the new Corporate Air Center at the Tacoma Narrows Airport. Newly constructed in 2018, the facility offers a wide variety of state of the art aviation services in the Tacoma Gig Harbor Area.

About Narrows Aviation LLC

Conveniently located near the main Tacoma Narrows airport gate and control tower, we are a great alternative to the busy Seattle airports, with competitive fuel prices. A great tech stop location with quick turnaround.

Check out the contract fuel options with AV Fuel, and AVTRIP points. We also offer full service and self-serve Avgas.

We offer rental cars, hotel discounts, U.S. Custom clearance, lav cart, power cart, catering, internet access.

You're a valued customer and we are grateful for your business.

Stop by and visit the Hub restaurant next door for a bite to eat.

We are located 12 miles from downtown Tacoma and 38 miles from downtown Seattle.


Now Hiring

Position: Line Service Technician

Schedule: Part Time
Hourly: $14.50 to $18.00 / hour based on experience

As a Line Service Technician, you will support all ground operations for arriving and departing aircraft, flight crews and their passengers. This is a customer service position that requires good decision-making skills, flexibility in a dynamic work environment, the ability to follow procedures and excellent interpersonal skills. We provide extensive initial and recurrent training because your safety and the safety of our customers is our number one priority.


Deliver a proactive, personalized service experience to private and business aviation clientele.
Provide a variety of aircraft services that includes, marshaling, fueling, hangar storage, towing and other ground support.
Coordinate and direct ramp movements for arriving and departing aircraft.
Operate ground service equipment, such as aircraft tugs... Read More


Developments Underway at Tacoma Narrows Aviation (KTIW)

TACOMA, Washington / April 25, 2017 / GENERAL AVIATION NEWS – With the renovation of its 13,000 square foot hangar complete, Tacoma Narrows Aviation looks forward to the opening of its new executive terminal, to be completed this fall.

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Hangar Done, Washington State FBO Eyes a New Terminal

April 27, 2017 - The new Tacoma Narrows Aviation terminal complex at Seattle-area Tacoma Narrows Airport will also include a new 6,000-sq-ft hangar, bringing the facility to 30,000 sq ft of aircraft storage space.

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Sneak peek New executive aviation terminal planned at Tacoma Narrows Airport

May, 2017 - The expansion will let the airport handle more corporate flight operations with less congestion and faster departures than Seattle-area airports.

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Tacoma Narrows completes new corporate air center at KTIW

TACOMA, Washington - November 13, 2018 - Tacoma Narrows Aviation has completed its new executive terminal facility at Tacoma Narrows Airport (KTIW).

Called the FBO’s corporate air center, the new building includes 30,000 square feet of heated hangar space, 2,500 square feet of passenger and crew amenities, and 5,500 square feet of office space.

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